2015_Julia_Eisen_Lester_431Much of my art is inspired by my love of travel. At times my travel can involve a trip to Spain, Italy or Portugal, while at other times it can be only a walk down to the train station near my Yonkers home or a subway ride to the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Wherever I go I am fascinated by the ordinary things in life that we take for granted. The subjects may be old trucks, or water tanks, people waiting for a bus, taking a lunch break outside or singing in a doorway for money. In my most recent work I am interested in the way people use outdoor spaces for their personal uses. I am fascinated by the intimacy and personal behavior I have seen in public. I want to portray these moments on the street by painting them vibrantly and with immediacy. This will offer the viewer a glimpse into the world that inspires me.


I began my journey as an artist at the Art Student’s League in the fall of 1969. This is where I studied the Nicolaides method of drawing with Lester Rondell and anatomy with Robert Beverly Hale. I remained at the League for over four years studying as a full time student. Shortly after I attended the New School, where I took classes in clay sculpture and anthropology.

Throughout my artistic practice I have experimented through a variety of media. My portfolio includes works rendered in graphite, pastel, gouache, watercolor, oil paint and collage. My most recent works are in oil, concentrating in urban life.

I have been painting and teaching out of my Yonkers studio for the last 25 years.


Teaching Experience

  • 1975: The Art Studio Workshop, Director and Teacher, Yonkers, NY
  • 1990-1993: The Fieldston School, Bronx, NY
  • 1995-1997: Scarsdale Arts Camp, Scarsdale, NY, Director of Painting and Drawing
  • 1996: Master Classes at Wave Hill, Bronx, NY
  • 1987: The Art Program, Amalgamated School


  • 1988-1989: Etching Workshop, Linda Adato Studio, New Rochelle, NY
  • 1969-1974: The Art Students League, New York City
  • 1971-1974: Drawing and painting with Lester Rondell, Anatomy with Nathan Hale, New York City
  • 1968-1970: The New School for Social Research, Art History and Sculpture